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The advantages in having a 30 plus year creative career.

Who is working for you now? What experience do they have? Are they young, middle aged or nearing retirement? I am not talking about the person doing your graphic design and artwork. I am talking about a person within your own business.

CHOOSE any one of your people. From the Cleaner to the Managing Director. Think about their knowledge, understanding and experience. Think about what they bring to the business. People are shaped through the things they have done which only gets better over time.

30 plus year creative career

Lots of stuff.

My experience covers a lot of stuff across a lot of different industries and marketplaces. At 16 I started my graphic design journey, by 22 I was presenting to the board of the then world, leading travel agency, Thomas Cook. The presentation that saw our agency win the groups retail window campaigns. Very fast paced, highly creative times that I look back on with pride. The agency was after all just a father and son team winning major accounts from CAT clothing to BUPA and Tesco.

How did I get here.

Today I prefer to work directly with small to medium sized creative businesses, bringing all I know.

  • 82 - 84

    Commenced training as graphic designer.

  • 1984 - 86

    Trained as a reprographic planner/platemaker progressing to camara/scanner operator.

  • 1986

    Re-joined advertising and marketing agency. Commissioned and implemented first desktop publishing system running on Apple computers.

  • 1988/9

    Research and implementation of UK’s first installation of Crosfield Lightspeed Colour Layout System.

  • 1989

    Creative Director (BDP) gaining and managing Thomas Cook retail outlet window campaigns utilising proven technology to decrease point of sale production time and cost.

  • 1994

    Research and implementation of DALiM Litho workstation. Gaining UK integrator’s advertising and marketing business.

  • 1996

    Gain Caterpillar (CAT) Clothing account, implementing online point of sale systems to reduce point of sale production time and costs. Development of system for Pentland Group (Mitre, Kickers, Burghaus, Ellesse, Ted Baker Footwear, Speedo, Red or Dead, etc).

  • 1998

    Consultancy to RS Components on the research and development of their own internal digital asset management system. Working in conjunction with IT integrators.

  • 2002

    Research and implementation of DALiM Twist automated workflow server. Gain DALiM rebrand and worldwide printed material marketing (brochures, advertising, direct mail, etc).

  • 2006

    Consultant to Augustus Martin (POS) in development of automated in-store point-of-sale systems for Boots, integrating DALiM Twist system with existing proprietary systems.

  • 2007

    Consultancy and development of internet based furniture container order system. Extending stock offering into containers on the sea.

  • 2009

    Extended design and development of original furniture container system to include a wholesale ordering system extending the business’s warehouse to containers on the water, allowing wholesale customers to reduce their delivery time.

  • 2010 - 2012

    Various website content management system implementations across many industry sectors.

  • 2012

    Design and development of a temporary staff portal, allowing the searching, assignment and management of staff on a per-event basis.

  • 2013

    Design and development of bespoke event ticketing system, allowing the configuration of event spaces and ticket variations. Event entry systems utilising portable device scanning technologies to increase throughput and security.

  • 2014 - 2016

    Develop marketing strategy and development across a property business’s three key markets; Student Accommodation, Hospitality and Care.

  • 2017 to present

    Freelance graphic designer/artworker. Marketing consultant. Automation consultant.

A 30 plus year creative career.

My career has been long and varied, starting as a junior graphic designer in 1982, where I was eager to increase my knowledge and better understand how to design for final production. I was finding that the creative industry focused on ideas with little regard to production, which was not the case in any other industry sector. A car designer needs to know production methods to allow cost-effective and quality production, so why not creatives?

I questioned this approach, wondered how much this philosophy was increasing production costs, and set on my quest of discovery. This lead to a change in my career path where I become a fully qualified NGA reprographics planner, plate maker and scanner operator.

As heralded from a creative background, I had empathy with the creative’s approach which allowed me to guide and inform them of production benefits while still meeting, if not improving the project goals.

These in-depth print production skills where capitalised upon when I returned to the advertising sector with a passion and the foresight to grasp the then emerging technologies.

In 1986, I commissioned my first digital publishing system, consisting of an Apple Macintosh, Aldus PageMaker and laser print technology. Prior to this visualisation and artwork production was undertaken on a draught board by hand. It was revolutionary, allowing our agency to increase quality, improve turn round and realise greater profitability.

The seed had been sown and on visiting the print and reprographics industry’s IPEX exhibition 1989 I spotted something that was totally ground breaking. Complete design control with full colour print of visuals. The system was Crosfield Lightspeed and our agency where the first installation within the United Kingdom. At this time, the industry was split across the creative, typesetting/artwork, reproduction and print sectors. Very few ventured into understanding all sectors as each required specialist skills.

There was never a question of our agencies creativity, knowledge and experience as it was headed by my father, ex marketing and display manager of The British Shoe Corporation, a goliath shoe manufacturer/retailer consisting of over 2,500 outlets across numerous brands. His claim to fame, is the man that launched Hush Puppies in the United Kingdom.

Now with our new approach we were offering a revolutionary alternative to the main stream agencies. This saw our agency secure many world leading accounts, such as CAT, Boots, Mattel, Bupa, Pentland Group, Thomas Cook, Peter Black Healthcare, Punch Shoe care, The Adplates Group (TAG) and Tricker’s of Jermyn Street to name a few.

I have worked with many world leading brands at both director and board level over a 30 plus year creative career. This has been in both a creative and business process management and development basis, across a number of disparate industries and projects. This experience gives me in depth knowledge in many sectors, an understanding of their cultures and strategies giving me a unique skill set.

Skill set.

Adobe Creative Cloud
APP development
Art direction
Brand development
Business development
Business process management automation
Corporate identity
Creative direction
Customer service
DALiM LiTHO operator
DALiM TWiST workflow specialist
DAP development
DesignMerge specialist
Digital form and data capture specialist
Graphic design

Information architecture
Marketing strategy
Office 365 administration
Technology integration
User interface design
Web design
Web development
Workflow design and development

CONNECT and gain all of the experience and knowledge a 30 plus year creative career brings.