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Automated graphic design and artwork generation

I introduce my clients to innovative ways of removing costs through the use of automation. It allows me to deliver the most competitive production rates increasing both my client’s and my own profitability.

Creative automation doesn’t replace skill, it maximises it

Focusing entirely on offloading repetition through simplifying processes, automation allows high-value people to get on with more productive tasks. The resulting increased throughput has a direct positive effect upon the bottom-line.

Mixed applications

Whether Adobe Creative Cloud®, Office 365® or other specific application, all can be linked and automated. Today’s technologies offer many untapped features that can be quickly and efficiently waiting activated and implemented.

Small changes bring big gains 

Your workflows and business processes are both unique to your business and people. These incorporate email, spreadsheets, design applications and other services. These are the things that cannot change and they don’t.

The cost of automation within a creative environment

Would you employ me on a full time basis for £12,000 or less? You can and not surprisingly I employ automation to allow you to do just that. Best of all I offer unlimited capacity with little or no increase in costs as production ramps. Let me show you how.

Cost saving

A graphic cost comparison

According to, the average graphic designer’s yearly wage is £27,445. That equates to approximately £12 an hour. However, applying an hourly rate is misleading, because what takes 1 person 1 hour may take another more and with varying quality.

Automation, simply eliminates hour based tasks with consistent accuracy and speed. It also delivers a 60% cost saving on a 1 workflow to 1 person comparison. Add more work and the percentage only increases because a single workflow does the work of any number of people.

People count

The more people needed the higher the costs. Automation takes people’s manual tasks out of this equation, effectively allowing people to do the same job better and faster with less cost. An increased workload has not bearing on the number of people needed, because automation has unlimited capacity.

Labour reduction

Automation puts an end to exponential labour overheads

In a manually intensive workflow increased workload requires increased labour. Whereas no matter the workload, automated overheads are constant and known.

Just imagine what could happen if you automated across departments

Imagine if an invoice could be automatically created and emailed. Imagine if visuals could be generated and emailed as PDF attachments. Imagine if digital artwork could be step-and-repeated ready to be scheduled for production. The only thing holding you back is you. The possibilities are endless and available right now.

Automated graphic design and artwork generation is affordable

Affordable because the initial investment pays for itself in a short period of time. Affordable because it brings new found profits to the business. Profits that were hidden inside manual processes.

CONNECT with an adept creative and let me show you how automation is going to transform your business