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How to automate Indesign artwork production.

Step 1. Leave that to me.

A quick configuration process delivers low-cost template production

Everything I do is 100% focused on time reduction. Both master template production and system delivery have been streamlined meaning a fully completed system can be up and running in a matter of days or sooner.

Focus on savings, not costs

The savings are not only real, but quickly realised with a live demonstration of your own workflow. All you need to do is package existing artwork and assets following 2 simple steps and I do the rest.

The package is only for my demonstration. A production system requires no transfer of assets with all native Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and compatible files staying where they already reside and belong… on your systems. As a result there is no change to your existing setup and no need to continually transfer or duplicate your files to a service.

Master documents

Design your master documents following your client’s brand guidelines. Powerful master templates mean key areas can be defined and other more variable parts unlocked for customisation.


Just like an asset placed in Indesign you have complete control over what can be used and how. 

Building custom designs 

You don’t need me to build custom designs because you already have the resource within your own creative team.

CONNECT with an adept creative and let me show you how automation is going to transform your business